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Playing Online Games – Team Bingo

Online Bingo Games

Playing online Bingo is easy and affordable. Bingo sites are divided into halls, named after types of characters, Zodiac signs, or flowers and animals. You register on a site and start playing. There are typically three cards given to every player and a computer draws the numbers, which are shown at the top left corner of the window on your computer screen. The games require speed, skill, and concentration to play and whoever creates the current pattern and hits the Bingo button first is the winner. One of the interesting features of many Bingo games is the chat area that allows players to converse with each other.


Team Bingo

When playing traditional Bingo, it is exciting to be the first one to shout Bingo. The latest online Bingo games offer equivalent opportunities to have fun and make friends. The room you choose to enter holds your team and Team Bingo is played by choosing three members to make up a team. You aim to get the maximum number of Bingos so that your team will win. Usually, full house Bingos scored in a 90 ball Bingo room are counted towards your Team Bingo score. The winning team is the one that scores the most number of Bingos during a month. However, if more than one team ties, the team that has the most number of Bingos in a T pattern will usually be the winner.

Rules for Playing Team Bingo

Once you form teams, the Bingo games are played continuously and each team needs a maximum number of Bingos, before pressing the bingo button to win the game. Some Bingo websites do not allow the changing of teams at any time during the month and if a player wants to change, he or she must wait for the beginning of the next month.

When one team wins a game, the credit goes to all team members, who earn tokens regardless of who scored the Bingo. When a team member’s number is called during a team Bingo session, the team automatically gains points. The results of each team are recorded and the team with most number of points at the end of the month wins the Bingo Bonus share.

Scoring and Jackpots

If you win Bingo, you and your team members will receive a number of tokens. However, if two teams win at the same time, this number is divided by the number of winning teams. In order to receive a jackpot, you need to adhere to the rules of the website. If you are not eligible for a winning jackpot, you will get bonus tokens for each number that you have.


With online Bingo games, players can enjoy the fun of traditional Bingo in a more exciting team milieu, in the comfort of their own homes. Team Bingo offers the atmosphere of the traditional bingo hall without having to leave home. Playing team Bingo online suits all adult age groups, offers jackpots, and provides promotions for players.

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