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3 Very Famous Chess Games

Perhaps the most famous game ever played was termed the Opera House Massacre by the first great American chess player, Paul Morphy. Paul was an avid fan of opera and was attending The Barber of Seville on the invitation of the Duke of Brunswick and Count Isourard. During the opera, The Duke and Count challenged the Paul to a game. Not wishing to be rude, Paul reluctantly accepted. The Duke and Count both knew of Paul’s weakness to opera and conspired to seat him so that his back was to the stage. The Duke and Count thought that Paul would play rashly to quickly finish the game. They were right on this note. Paul played one of the most perfect games of chess using all pieces and sacrifices to quickly annihilate his challengers.

The Immortal Queen was a game played by Jaques Mieses in 1900. In this game, Jaques left his white Queen under direct attack for 6 complete moves. During each turn, Black was not able to take the Queen as she was protected by a passed pawn. The move also pinned both blacks rooks during all 6 moves, putting black at significant disadvantage. This game is a brilliant example of the flamboyant use of a Queen and a passed pawn.  visit

Most of us have heard of the great chess player Bobby Fischer. Bobby started playing chess at a very young age and played a game called The Game of The Century at age 13. This game has since been studied as an example of a near perfect and extremely brilliant game of chess. At the ripe old age of 14, Bobby played in eight US Chess Championships, winning each one. At the age of 15, Bobby became the youngest ever Chess Grand Master. Aged 20, Bobby became the 11th World Chess champion, winning 11-0, the first and only perfect score. At age 32, Bobby gave up playing tournament chess and became extremely reclusive.


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